Irani feroza – 33 ratti



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  • This stone carries a strong healing vibration
  • It is an astounding solution for the state of mind swings, uneasiness, and fits of anxiety.
  • This stone promotes spiritual progress and enhances communication with the physical and spiritual worlds.
  • It gives status and respect in society.
  • It is a symbol of courage and hope.
  • It ensures success in love.

Being the medium of energy for Throat chakra and Third-eye chakra, Turquoise helps controlling problems related to brain, eyes, ears, neck and throat. It braces one’s confidence in Karmic fate.

Irani Feroza can be used in the form of earrings, finger-rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc and it protects the wearer from toxic things such as poison, reptile bites, or any other infectious insect bites.

  • This stone can prevent eye diseases.
  • it can reduce the effects of evil spells and negative energy.

For delay in marriage and/ or disturbed marriage Irani Feroza can be worn instead of Sapphire, this is recommended for those who cannot wear Sapphire for astrological reasons or for financial constraints.

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