Pulkit Mohan Singla helps bring a positive change in the lives of people through various mechanisms which are taken from nature and are used for human good.  

He does healing through the following mechanisms:

Dhuni –  Dhuni is the most powerful discovery by Pulkit Mohan Singla for all kinds of people. This Dhuni has solved various paranormal issues of people including paranormal activities suffered by people caused due to jinn, demonic spirits, lost spirits, haunted homes, angry souls, ancestral spirits, etc. Completely Satvik and Pure, it is also used to bring positivity in home, relations and work life. It also brings positive changes in the lives of people who are not suffering from any kind of negativity.

Kundali : he is known to make one of the most accurate kundali of people and giving life-changing solutions for grah dosh shanty. The remedies given by him are simple, feasible and highly effective.

Gemstones and Lockets: specially designed and abhimantrit/ energized gemstones given by Pulkit Mohan Singla serve various purposes. They help protecting the aura of a person, they provide astrological benefits and for people who are suffering from paranormal issues, ghost attack, grah dosh, bad luck, and other issues in life, they protect and alleviate negative energies and their effects.

Oils: he has made various sacred oils and perfumes which not only give protection to a person’s aura, mind, body, and soul but also helps in reducing pain and providing relief in prolonged past diseases. Oils to attract positivity, prosperity, and growth in life are also provided.

Call consultation: uncountable people are benefited by just talking to him on the phone and got healed. His positive energy and vibes as well as instant solutions and remedies which pop up as soon as he gets connected to any person via voice, work wonders and brings life-changing positive effects.

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