Tiger eye stone necklace


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Tiger Eye is mainly for protection and it will also bring good luck. This perfect mala is best for chanting mantras.It is believed that Roman soldiers used to wear this stone in battles as it was capable to bestow them with Tiger-like attributes. Tiger’s Eye is an amazing fortifier of the blood and exceptional at balancing out the endocrine system.

  •  It also improves the stamina and re-energizes the senses.
  • The root chakra, the solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra all work in harmony with this earthly stone.
  • Tiger Eye reduces the chronic pains and improves the strength of spines and detoxifies the body also.
  • This stone is specifically beneficial for shy people as it can boost up their self-confidence
  •  Tigers Eye serves as a reminder to harness the inner strength
  • Tiger’s Eye is all about bringing self-confidence and power.
  • You can wear it to gain the tiger like strength and energy.


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