Silver Kada



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Benefits of Sher Mukhi Silver Kada:

  • It can provide the strength of a lion with a calm attitude.
  • It can be worn by anyone irrespective of age, gender and religion.
  • It can cure the malefic Chandra grah in your kundali.
  • It can be worn on any hand.

Wearing in the left hand will help you out in clearing your subconscious and wearing it in right will help you out in clearing your conscious in positive manner.

  • People who have high mangal dosha can cure mangal ill effects by wearing silver Kada.
  • People who tend to carry a lot of anger should definitely wear this Kada.
  • Shermukhi Kada is a sign and a symbol that keep you reminding that you can also feel like a roaring lion.
  • It has the power to cure negativity.
  • Water imbalances in the body can also be cured to some extent.
  • People who want to pursue a┬ácareer in medical fields, politics, and education should definitely wear it.
  • Housewives should wear it for overall happiness.
  • Husbands should wear this for a good and calming relationship with the spouse.
  • Children should wear it for confidence, power and success.
  • People who feel losses in business should definitely wear it for growth and sudden benefits and gains.

This abhimantrit Sher Mukhi silver Kada is a beautiful state of the art jewelry which is unisex that is for both man and woman giving you a sense of style, tradition as well as an astrological remedy.

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