1 Mukhi Rudraksh



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It is considered the rarest form of Rudraksh .

One Face Rudraksha itself is the manifestation of Lord Shiva

According to Padma Purana’s Chapter 57 Verses 38 and 30, “Ek Mukhi Rudraksha symbolizes Lord Shiva and it rids one from all kinds of sins. Hence, one should wear it to destroy sins. People who wear it finds a place in Lord Shiva’s heaven.

Anyone can wear this one Mukhi Rudraksh

  • It fulfills all the wearer’s desires.
  •  It is the most powerful bead for meditation and dhyana purposes.
  •  It helps to control the level of energy in the body of the human.
  •  It helps the wearer to become more confident than before.
  •  A person will become more solicitous and soft-hearted than before after wearing it.
  •  It also protects the person from evil and negative energies.
  •  It gives financial growth, career growth, promotion and authoritative position in life.
  •  The wearer will bless with wealth, luxury and fortune. 

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